Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Images as text

I've been working on my postgradute course with some picture editors as images are crucial parts of texts, just as we ask our students to interpret text, we should also ask them to learn to read images and, therefore, we -educators- should provide them with suitable input that triggers thinking. Not only should we comfort with what we find but also work on better visuals.
I've learnt to use a 'new' (for me) computer program - Gimp (which offers more or less the same tools as Picasa)
The tool that I most like was the one used to make photographs transparent. This is my example, I used the lighthouse photograph and, then, added the boat.

But, what happens when you need to edit pictures and you don't have your computer with the program you always use? Internet will help you. Editing online rules! =P There are thousands of free tools - for some, you may not even need an account.

With http://es.cooltext.com/ you can create texts like this one:

My personal blog experience
You can use online or paste as an image wherever you want.

With http://es.photofunia.com/ you can choose what framework your picture or text will have.

You can even create galleries for free. I've chosen to show my thesis experiment. You'll see students from an Argentinian state school chatting with Swedish students:

I've sahred my complete thesis in my first blog entry here: My persoanl blog - Entry I

Some more awesome free tools:

Friday, 12 September 2014

Me as a techie student 2014 - Sharing IX - 12/09


Why don't we story?

"The head does not hear anything until the heart has listened. The heart knows today what the head will understand tomorrow." Hamilton & Wiss

Pool of ideas: HERE

Pool of Tools: HERE
Today, I've tried:

I've been working with my students with some of these tools. Take a look at their productions.
Comics by students:

Tools used in the collage:
I've also worked with teen students using http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/ on another occasion and these are some of the productions:

Friday, 5 September 2014

Me as a techie student 2014 - Sharing VIII - 05/09

Today: Google+
Why Facebook if your online life is 'google-based'?
Useful links:

Hang Out: Video Conference with people you choose
Why Skype if (once again) Google can help you?
Useful links:

Teachers: 1 teacher + 9 students

On Air: Share your conference publicly using YouTube.

Or even to create a video:

Why not building special tours for our students without living the classroom?

Google even offers classes: