Friday, 7 November 2014

Me as a techie student 2014 - Sharing XIII - 07/11

Information HERE.
Sharing and storing has been made so much easier with an online 'hard drive' which synchronizes all the files you have stored everywhere in only with place ONLINE.

Official website:

Monday, 3 November 2014

Me as a techie student 2014 - Sharing XII - 24/10

What is it? The method of distributing multimedia files over the Internet using syndication feeds,
Etymology? Blend = "iPod" + "broadcasting."
Postcast or Audio file? With a postcast, unlike and 'ordinary' audio, you can SUBSCRIBE to it (you'll be receiving the updates automatically, there's no need of going to the page every time you want to listen to it and you can listen to it wherever you want) and it's FREE to DOWNLOAD. However, it's a kind of postcast, i.e. the audio file is a larger concept.

Ideas for Using Podcasting from:
  • Publish student work
  • Student project for assessment
  • Distribute school assignments
  • Peer teaching
  • Language classes
  • Create archive of class lectures
  • Interview guest experts
  • Create oral histories
  • Communicate with parents
  • Community outreach
  • Audio tours
  • Public safety messages
  • School happenings/performances
  • Professional development and personal learning
Podcasting in Education - Thriving experiences:

Authentic podcasts:
  • 'THE' place to get authentic, educational podcasts is the BBC 
  • You can find interesting interviews HERE
Teacher Podcasts:
ESL Pod “Taking Photographs”
Student Podcasts:
Kids Stories (audiobooks)
How to make your own podcasts:
Want to make things easier? Try PODOMATIC: BLOG + POSTCAST at once, no need to record AND upload.

What is it? 'Impr Pant' + audio + video:
Ideas in the classroom
Need tools? Why don't you try it out with Jing?! Easy and free... This is my trial:

Friday, 10 October 2014

Me as a techie student 2014 - Sharing XI - 10/10

Collaborative Learning:

Collaborative Online Walls/ Noticeboards
Popplet holds text, photos, and other interesting things such as Google Map or YouTube video.
Disavantages: if you want users to participate, they have to create an account. Besides, if you happen to delete the main 'popplet,' all others are also lost =S

PrimaryWall conceived by a teacher and built for schools so they deliberately kept things simple, fast and user friendly.
Mine: Want to participate?

Drawback? You can only add comments, no multimedia objects.

Padlet: the best one: no account needed, everything is avaible and it's free:
My class':
Not enough? Looking for more tools? Check these out!
Szoter load your picture, take a screenshot or capture an image, then annotate, add text,and save to disk
Freemake for slideshows with music: Create beautiful slideshows with music free and easily with Freemake Video Converter. Turn photos & music into a video slideshow for your PC, YouTube, iPhone, iPad, DVD.Download here

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Me as a techie student 2014 - Sharing X - 26/09

  • Delicious: When and how to use it?
  • Chrome Extensions: Chatting with my mates, I've found a new one Ginger - grammar corrector.
  • How to save an e-mail in your hard-drive: From your Gmail account. Pretend you're going to print it and press the 'Esc' key and save the document.
  • Google+ > Menu (top left) > Hangout 
  • SAMR paradigm by Ruben Puentedura: Theoretical background:

  1. Redefinition
  2. Modification
  3. Augmentation
  4. Substitution

Today's lesson: Working with images:
Developing visual literacy in our students should be a must in every class. However, before asking them to be critical, we ought to be prepared to work with images and know the rights granted by creators - it's not only knowing how to use tools.

Of course, Creative Commons should have a special section. The idea is awesome. Raising awareness that people who create images are also creators and we should thank their productions. Therefore, we -users of pictures- have to acknowledge their work : since Humankind = Sharing.
Official website: Creative Common Rights
Or even in Google Images:
save image
Choose: 'Usage Rights'

In Rita Zeinstejer's words:
Public domain content in practice is any content without copyright
CC creates a zone inside copyright ownership for owners who want to be generous and give their works away.

List of tools: HERE
I particularly loved this site:
Here, my example of the cutest tool: