Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Me as a techie student 2014 - Sharing X - 26/09

  • Delicious: When and how to use it?
  • Chrome Extensions: Chatting with my mates, I've found a new one Ginger - grammar corrector.
  • How to save an e-mail in your hard-drive: From your Gmail account. Pretend you're going to print it and press the 'Esc' key and save the document.
  • Google+ > Menu (top left) > Hangout 
  • SAMR paradigm by Ruben Puentedura: Theoretical background:

  1. Redefinition
  2. Modification
  3. Augmentation
  4. Substitution

Today's lesson: Working with images:
Developing visual literacy in our students should be a must in every class. However, before asking them to be critical, we ought to be prepared to work with images and know the rights granted by creators - it's not only knowing how to use tools.

Of course, Creative Commons should have a special section. The idea is awesome. Raising awareness that people who create images are also creators and we should thank their productions. Therefore, we -users of pictures- have to acknowledge their work : since Humankind = Sharing.
Official website: Creative Common Rights
Or even in Google Images:
save image
Choose: 'Usage Rights'

In Rita Zeinstejer's words:
Public domain content in practice is any content without copyright
CC creates a zone inside copyright ownership for owners who want to be generous and give their works away.

List of tools: HERE
I particularly loved this site:
Here, my example of the cutest tool: