Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Me as a techie student 2014 - Sharing VII - 22/08

Today's class:   in depth.

    Some tips based on personal experience:
    • Click on create new site.
    • Now, choose your template. In my case, I've decided to create a Blank Template - so that I can personalise it.
    • Never forget to SAVE!
    • Once you've created your own site, your bff becomes the gear on your top right.
    • To manage (edit, delete) subpagesEdit site layout
    save image

    • Click on the plus symbol to navigate within the site.
    • To grant permission to specific people to do certain tasks: Gear - Sharing & Permissions - save image


    1. Brief but precise tutorial ;-)
      One tip: when adding a link, change to "open page in a new window" so that YOUR page is always handy ;-)
      To adapt all pix to the page size, change to 100%
      GOOD JOB, Tati!!!