Friday, 27 June 2014

Me as a techie student 2014 - Sharing II - 13/06

Today, we've been working with Google Apps - just rushing through them. Two of them have caught my attention.

Did you know that you could customize your Gmail priority inbox? Awesome! Click HERE to learn more.

Google has also given us the possibility to create stories... This is my favourite (that's why the picture in this entry) Want to know how to do it? Follow THIS LINK. I've created mine - very simple... and just for fans of Games of Thrones.

I think that projects that can be conceived with this app are never-ending and that we should allow our -and our students'- imagination to run wild. I've just introduced this to my students and I'm eagerly waiting for their productions. As an example for them to follow, I came up with this simple story which contains some samples of modals -the grammar point we've been practising, shared the link with them and encourage them to create their own. These are two examples: Francisco & Abigail.

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