Friday, 27 June 2014

YouTube & Google Docs as other ways of maximising time out of the classroom

Once again, Google products is here to make our classrooms and classes more interesting than never before.

When I started teaching, I found myself asking students to write an e-mail in a sheet of paper as homework and I didn't understand why they should do so when e-mails do exist and my students -being digital natives- master the use of technology. So, I just told them to actually send their e-mails.

They did, but I was then in a new problem: feedback? I decided to record it and send them the link to check their productions. They did check and enjoy the experience.

PROS: integration of ICTs into teaching and students' motivation.
CONS: time to produce each video.

Afterwards, I found a new -and much better- option  to provide feedback. Students create a Google Doc with their productions and, then, I just add comments where I consider necessary. It saves time and it is user-friendly.

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