Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Poem writing as pronunciation practice

During my practice period to become a teacher, I had the possibility of working with an awesome class who was eager to do whatever I suggested.

So, I took advantage of that and proposed that we wrote poems. Of course, it was guided writing but they were willing enough to record themselves reading their own productions.

I've created a list with their recordings... Want to peep? HERE it is.



  1. WOW, Adri, what a beautiful, successful activity! Did they upload the poems themselves to YouTube? How did you prepare the task? Would you be willing to tell your experience to the group next Friday? It would be great!
    Thank you for sharing it!!

  2. Thanks, again! I had to upload the recordings but it was not a problem! I did it really quickly and I was willing to! As regards the task, we worked in class, I helped them in the writing process. Once they have finished, I asked them if they would record themselves,and -of course- most of them said 'NO' at once but, in the end, they were really enthusiastic.