Thursday, 17 July 2014

Me as a techie student 2014 - Sharing III - 27/06

Today, we've seen how to improve our Google Searches.Many new things to learn and bare in mind!

We learnt how to describe what you see after you've done your search. Of course, you first get the title and right after it, the URL but what I didn't know was that the description of the site is called the Snippet or Abstract.

Then, we plunged into Google Searches. Clearly, we should read about it before doing. And so we did:  you can either call them Hacks or Tricks, the thing is that Google rocks. I've chosen my favourite ones: 
  • Set Timer: extremely helpful to use in the classroom.
  • Wild Card: a simple * can aid your memory when you don't remember one specific word.
  • Similar to: with the help of a tilde ~ (Alt + 126)  you can find a search similar to the words you've just googled. You can even use a - (minus sign) to avoid certain words in your search.
Some others that I've found useful:

  • Control + F: have you read something but you can't remember where it is? Find that key word in your mind with this combination, it works whichever site you are.
  • Ask Almighty Google to define something for you, and it will simply do it!
  • Why don't you just search by filetype? E.g.:  .ppt.
  • "" help us search for a complete chunk.
  • Not enough? Just click on the gear wheel and define your advanced search. save image
But I'm more visual, so searching by image is essential for me (of utmost importance for preparing teaching material)

  • Go to Google Search - Images and click on the small camera icon. Now, just drag & drop a picture to find visually similar images.
  • You can even use filters. In Search Tools, you'll find "Filters." E.g.: Black & White.
Well, that's it for today, quite a lot, isn't it?

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